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6 lbs Oxyblaster Tile Grout CleanerAlkaline Ultra
6lb powdered Alkaline OXYBLASTER Tile Grout Cleaner - 1.5 oz makes 1-gallon NEW and Improved Ultra Concentrated - makes over 64 gallons ready to use prespray

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Oxy-Blaster: Hard Floor Cleaner with Oxygen Bleach (non toxic alkaline cleaner)

6LB OxyBlaster for cleaning Tile Grout - Natural Stone - Concrete - Carpets

NEW and Improved Ultra Concentrated - makes over 64 gallons ready to use prespray


 Tile Grout - Natural Stone - Concrete - Carpets


Gets the job done faster with concentrated balance of surfactants and oxygen bleach.
Made exclusively for carpet cleaning machines that are now being used for hard surface cleaning.
Formulated by Dr. Aziz, PhD Chemist, and field tested by veteran carpet cleaners.
Ultra Concentrated.

(non toxic alkaline cleaner)


 Clean Man Made tiles: Ceramic, Porcelain & Quarry Tile

•  Natural Stones - Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate and Terrazzo

•  Limestone and Sand Stone - Clay stone Saltillo, and terra cotta

•  Grout - Cementious and epoxy

•  Carpets - Use as a oxygen booster

NEW and Improved Ultra Concentrated - makes over 64 gallons ready to use prespray


In pump–up sprayer use 1.5 oz to a gallon - ready to use makes over 64 gallons of prespray.

In hydroforce use 18 oz.
Give it 5 to 15 minute dwell time

For natural stones, if the stains are deep inside give it 15 minute dwell time so Oxy-Blaster has time to get absorbed and bleach the stains that have migrated inside

As a booster for carpets add 2 oz in pump-up sprayer, and 4 to 8 oz in hydroforce in addition to your regular pre-spray.
pH 12.

Very Safe - Oxy-Blaster is not a bleach that causes damage when used in a proper dilution.

6lb Oxyblaster  - Quantity discount at case of 4 - SAVE$$$


Oxyblaster is safe on all tile, its a non-toxic alkaline cleaner, bio-degradable and safe on all tile. If your cleaning ceramic tile works great on restaurants, concrete and autos shops with lots of grease. If your doing job on ceramic tile especially shower stalls, I recommend an acid cleaner. I have oxyblaster low ph-Green which is an excellent acid cleaner, Uses natural acid salt so its non-toxic and no harmful fumes compared to other acid cleaners. Its very safe on grout compared to other acid cleaners, but any acid cleaner can destroy the grout.

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