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G-MX3-1200 - M1200 Portable Extractor For Tile Grout Cleaning

MX3-1200 - Nautilus Portable extractor - 1200 PSI for hard surface cleaning -  Total CFM 198. Total lift for carpet cleaning 187. Auto Fill and Auto Dump while cleaning - Never have to stop cleaning to dump your waste or fill your take.

Price: $ 4,200.00 / Each

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MX3-1200 Nautilus Tile Grout Cleaning Extractor Two-3 Stage Vacuums at total 198 CFM with 187" lift


Nautilus MX3-1200 for Tile & Grout Cleaning & Carpet.

  • Powerful 2-3 Stage Vacuum
  • 50-1200 adjustable Pressure
  • 12- Gallon Solution and Waste Tank
  • 50'-waste hose (to run the waste to the drain or toilet) NO MORE BUCKETS
  • 50' fill hose (to run hot water from the faucet to the M-16) NO MORE BUCKETS
  • No heater (you don't need heat for tile grout and you are running hot water from the faucet to the M1200, so for carpet cleaning, no heater is not needed)
  • Great for Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Great for Carpet Cleaning too. There is no heater. Most cleaners with a portable don't use it since the time it takes the water to your wand, the heat is very minimal. Instead run a hose from the faucet to the MX3-1200. (Hose included)

Pick your wand - Tile grout wand like the SX-12 or SX-15 or even the turbo hybrid. ) questions call me 800-510-2436


Warranty Limited lifetime warranty -  
Body Roto-molded polyethylene
Tank 12 gallon
Vacuum Dual 3 stage HP
H20 187"
CFM 198
Pump Piston
PSI Adjustable 50-1,200
GPM 2.1
Automation Auto-fill kit for solution tank, automatic pump-out for recovery tank
Cords Dual 50' 12/3
Wheels 12"
Locking casters 4"
Included 2 Cuff-Lynx™ hose adapter and 2 to 1.5 Cuff-Lynx™ reducer, wire hanger for storing hoses and cords, and drain elbow.
Product Weight 160 lbs
Shipping Weight 184 lbs
Product Dimensions 34 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 43"
Shipping Dimensions 37 1/4" x 20 1/2" x 50 3/4

We provide the fastest shipping for our chemicals and hoses since we ship out of our chicago and/or california office. Other tools and equipment is stocked and shipped out of our Sacramento office. Please call us for additional information 800-510-CHEM


Approx Weight: 160.00 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.00 x 37.00 x 50.00 in.
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