• Replaces the Terminator 1200. (the main difference is the Torrent has an extra triple stage vacuum and no heat)

    Torrent Specifications: Twin-3 Stage Vacuum (2-3 Stage vacs) Mounts on top for better air flow and extraction and easy maintenance 2500 PSI pump (adjustable from 400-1200 PSI) Having a larger Pump gives you more throughput of water pressure 25' vac hoses and 25' of solution hose 50' direct water feed (hose from water outlet to machine) Caddy for turbo hybrid tool (Turbo Hybrid not included) Auto Dump Smart circuit located 145lb (32lb lighter than the Terminator 1200) Video Link - watch it live

  • MX3-1200 - Nautilus Portable extractor - 1200 PSI for hard surface cleaning -  Total CFM 198. Total lift for carpet cleaning 187. Auto Fill and Auto Dump while cleaning - Never have to stop cleaning to dump your waste or fill your take.
    • Motor - Dual Stage
    • 5.7"
    • AV12
    • Universal design for FX88 and FX88HP
  • Kit includes pumptec #356 pump with pressure regulator, gauge, hoses and wiring to upgrade your portable extractor to 1200 psi  .

    Pumptec Kit - 200 PSI Pump System - 115 V A/C includes pump, motor and nozzles, fittings and hoses. (does not include gage)


  • More power!
    A must-have for every Carpet Cleaner's toolbox! This kit allows you to save time on the job by eliminating the need for separate circuits. Splits a single 230V appliance outlet into two usable 115V circuits. Industry leading features such as:
    • Two boxes for 3 or 4 prong 230V dryer outlets.
  • 3 Stage Motor - 115v AMETEK LAMB Mfr. Model # 116103-00 7.2" 3-stage. Fits: Hydro-force FX, Prochem, Century and many others. 115VAC Tangential Discharge - Epoxy coating
  • 2000 Watt, 210 F Internal Heater. Includes dual insulation wrap, heating element, core, and sensors. Ready to install in extractors.
  • Pumptec 356U 1200 PSI PUMP ap48 with M64 motor 120/230 VAC 15/7amps.
  • Dump Valve for all FX & NINJA 1 1/2 inch MALE THREADS carpet cleaning portable extractors 1.5" 1½" MPT PVC Ball Valve 
  • 6' Commercial Ramp - 600 lbs. Our EZ-Access™ ramps are built for heavy-duty, everyday use.  The AR002 measure 28" x 1.5" x 6' and fold for storage down to 13" in width. 

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